We've all been there ladies and gentleman. You spend hours upon hours working on something, painstakingly mulling over every single color, stroke, and shape. Sweating bullets trying to get that perfect shot, or digging through what seems like galaxy's of code to find out why your image is half a millimeter to the left. After … Continue reading IMPOSTOR SYNDROME – THE CREATIVE ROADBLOCK


Titus Calderbank – Musician

FINDING YOUR RHYTHM WITH TITUS CALDERBANK It's time to turn that teen heartthrob notch to level 10 ladies and gentleman, because we have an absolute doozy for you. Being a creative comes in so many different forms, and today we explore a form of creative expression that for most of us, is strictly limited to the shower. … Continue reading Titus Calderbank – Musician


Every artist has their tools, whether you're working with wood, marble, or computer screens. Being a creative is no different, and with every unique and imaginative project that they release, there are tools behind them that make it happen. Interpretation is key, and in a world of powerful machines and software offering an array of … Continue reading TOOLS OF THE TRADE: THE CREATIVE ARSENAL

Maxwell Maxwell – D.J.

VANCOUVER: LOVE IT, HATE IT...LEAVE IT? Exploring the opportunities that the city of Vancouver offers has it’s highlights, however there’s always two sides to the proverbial coin. Maxwell Maxwell, aside from having arguably a top 5 name on the planet, has an incredibly passionate take on what the city can offer to potential creatives, … Continue reading Maxwell Maxwell – D.J.