It’s time to turn that teen heartthrob notch to level 10 ladies and gentleman, because we have an absolute doozy for you. Being a creative comes in so many different forms, and today we explore a form of creative expression that for most of us, is strictly limited to the shower.

I’m a needle in a haystack, but I’m loving it. I’m pretty sure as long as I’m loving it, I’ll be the needle that’s smiling the most”

Introducing Titus Calderbank. We didn’t think the names on this page could get any better, but they did. Titus, a musician living in Vancouver after moving from the wonderful Penticton B.C, takes us behind the scenes into the life of an everyday musician. Talking about creativity is one thing, but watching it in action is a completely different animal, and there’s no better way of  showing that than watching this man build a song from scratch and watch it come to life before our eyes. Within 10 minutes, while giving an interview, Titus manages to handle the inception of a new song while giving us an insight into how he came about doing what he loves, and the drive that brought him to the city in search of larger opportunities.

Did we mention he’s also on a personal goal to create a song every single day for 365 days nonstop? Just felt you all should know, and if what he had for us was any indication, this is a man well on his way to achieving it. Check out our interview with a gem of a musician, and an even better human being.

Titus Calderbank is Making It in Vancouver.



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