Vancouver has begun to establish itself as a leading business destination for the world over.


When it comes to starting up a business venture, Vancouver has quickly established itself as one of the premier destinations around the globe to do so, particularly in regards to the creative environment established within the city. The very nature in how these businesses operate shines a light on how the city itself has presented itself as a valuable tool for budding entrepreneurs and job seekers alike to utilize. We look at 2 driving factors that the city has going for it in the goal to become the international envy of the creative world.



It doesn’t matter where you are around the world, the dynamics of how businesses are run and operated are done in different manners, with exposure to those outside of the city limits and experience in dealing with operations on a global scale being a coveted asset in the global marketplace.

Take the Global Startup Ecosystem Report for example. Despite listing Vancouver as having the least amount of startups within the top 20, the city sits in 15th place, and continues to claim. This feat can be in no small feat partly attribute to the sheer amount of diversity within the city. Vancouver can be seen as prime cooperative location for global markets such as those in Asia and America, particularly along the west coast. Asian corporations in particular continue to climb into the Fortune 500, so the initiative for Vancouver to continue and attract global partners can only be seen as a plus for individuals hoping to take their ideas and talents on an international scale



With over a thousand startups scattered around city, there’s no surprise in stating that the competition to stand out among the pack can be a daunting challenge. To be successful, however, that very challenge should be a problem that those looking to make in Vancouver are salivating over.

Using the tech market as a reference, the incentive to be innovative, imaginative, and more importantly unique, is a quality that is almost a requirement at this point. With companies such as BroadBandTV, Electronic Arts (E.A), and even Microsoft establishing roots within the city, there is no room anymore to simply be “good enough” when it comes to starting your career in Vancouver. That increased drive and passion for what can be done not only results in individual success, but creating a better future moving forward for everyone. Using the competition in the city as a goal to strive upon can not only be useful in making it here, but wherever your work takes you.

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