Exploring the opportunities that the city of Vancouver offers has it’s highlights, however there’s always two sides to the proverbial coin. Maxwell Maxwell, aside from having arguably a top 5 name on the planet, has an incredibly passionate take on what the city can offer to potential creatives, or in a better word, the lack thereof.  

“There are no advantages to being in Vancouver as a creative. Literally none.”

Being a D.J. in Vancouver has it’s pros and cons, and Maxwell has developed enough experience within the music scene within the city to form an opinion that may come as a bit of a reality check to some.

Having an opinion is one thing, but Maxwell has provided us not only some reasons why Vancouver may not be the best fit for some, but additionally the reasoning and factors behind those views. Engaging, animated, and direct, his personality is a refreshing, and most importantly honest assessment of some of the benefits and drawbacks of the creative landscape in the city.

Maxwell Maxwell is Making it in Vancouver.


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