Call it a coincidence, but in the world of photography where surroundings are the building steps to a beautiful picture, the city of Vancouver provides a fantastic tool in the arsenal of photographers everywhere. Few cities around the world offer such a unique background for their craft, and Rachel Kwan utilizes every corner of it to shape her story.

With a passion for portrait photography, Rachel has been gifted with the ability to harness her past to push herself further in all endeavors, and her photography reflects that passion in every shot. This city is a hub for photographers the world over, and the benefit of being a remarkable human being on top of taking remarkable shots is what separates those who stand out. Experiences shape personalities, and those personalities give birth to creativity.

“You want to photograph and video [record] things you want to immortalize.”

Every personality comes equipped with a backstory, and while battling personal demons and obstacles, Rachel rises atop that mountain a clear winner. Whether it be inner struggles or personal losses, one of the most astounding traits that Rachel possesses is the ability to look forward every time the world pushes back. With an ever growing fan base through a consistent, quality driven social media presence, her passion is driving her further down the road to success, one snap at a time. Discover her story, and find out why Rachel shines brighter among a city of photographic gems.

Rachel Kwan is Making it in Vancouver.


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